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All You Need To Refinance Today

Lending Studios is the antidote for the big bank shuffle. We are the revolutionary new approach to home finance that gives you all the knowledge, power, and control to make your own home finance decisions while being treated like like a movie star from quote to closing.
  • Step 1If the Loan Fits…

    Big banks will offer you product options, but any choice you make is designed to benefit the bank in the long run. Our approach is the opposite. We conduct a thorough interview and gain an understanding of your situation, then find a bank that specializes in lending to folks like you.
  • Step 2Prepare Yourself For A Quote

    On this site, you'll find everything you need to learn how financing or refinancing your home works. You can run numbers on a myriad of mortgage calculators and when you're educated and ready, you can approach the bank of your choosing or contact one of our Mortgage Brokers (Directors) to act as your advocate with the bank.
  • Step 3Navigate The Approval Process

    Once you've found a quote that you like, you'll provide an application including your monthly income, debts, credit score, and other information and then you wait for the underwriters to decide. While we can't guarantee your approval, if you are utilizing a Lending Studios Mortgage Directors, you'll have a representative on the inside of the approval process who will, in good faith, fight for your approval.
  • Step 4Close Your Loan

    Closing requires the signing of binding contracts which cement the terms and requirements by which you promise to abide. Having a Lending Studios Mortgage Director on your side of the table is extremely comforting. They'll be sure to catch any variants that might be in the fine print and will make sure the contract goes through as promised.

Low Credit Score?

If your credit score is holding you back, you have options. You can learn the steps to grow your credit score on your own – in some cases, rapidly. Also, we partner with a highly personal credit repair organization that works with people one-on-one.

Don't be discouraged, you can take control of your credit score. We've seen thousands do just that.

Mortgage Calculators

Quickly predict your monthly mortgage payment and interest with the Lending Studios customizable tool.

Mortgage Resources

Search for your borrowing solution while knowing you don’t have to settle for just any mortgage loan. Use our tools to discover the loan that fits your needs or contact one of our Mortgage Directors for extra help.

Credit Resources

You can overcome a less than perfect credit score. With the right mindset and support you can grow your credit score permanently.